The Giant PPP Data Dump

Following months of pressure and an eventual judge order, the full extent of who received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from Trump’s Small Business Administration (SBA) is finally available to the public. From Project Veritas and Larry Kudlow’s wife to Tom Brady and Jake Paul, the list of the wealthy and well-connected whom received taxpayer-funded relief grows longer and longer. Meanwhile, as more than 400,000 small businesses have closed for good since the start of the pandemic, reports have revealed that more than half of the PPP loans distributed through the program’s expiration in August went to larger businesses. In addition to the millions of dollars meant for actual struggling small businesses that flowed into the wrong hands, the PPP data shows serious flaws — including typos, missing email addresses, and more.  

In an effort to provide greater transparency into this latest tranche of data, Accountable.US compiled the information into a searchable database at We will be analyzing the new data and releasing its findings on a rolling basis at the PPP Live Blog.  


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Over 551,000 recipients saved 0 jobs 

Over 1.2 million recipients saved just 1 job 

Over 296,000 didn’t even provide the data (1/2)” [View Twitter Thread]  


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“In September, House Democrats sent out a memo saying the PPP was susceptible to ‘fraud, waste, or abuse’ because normal oversight was removed in order to get loans out sooner. That same month, banks released a report showing an increase of suspected business-loan fraud during both June and July, when PPP loans were being issued.”  

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